CIO survey exposes internet performance at UK businesses

'End users have never had higher standards and more options.'

 CIO survey exposes internet performance at UK businesses

Half of UK companies have a prominent online presence in international markets, yet only 36% say their internet performance is consistently reliable, according to a new survey from internet performance company Dyn

As CIOs face increasing pressure to deliver fast and reliable online services, regardless of location, the statistics expose significant gaps between what customers and employees expect and what is delivered. 

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The majority (74%) of IT decision makers surveyed understand there are factors outside of their network that can affect internet performance. However, only half (52%) actively monitor for these factions. 

In fact, 26% don’t have a formal back-up plan in place for their data centres in the event of natural disasters, outages and delays – and 15% don’t monitor customer experience performance at all.

Retail companies, with potentially the widest audience of customers across multiple regions given the amount of sales that are now transacted online, are the most focused on internet monitoring; 56% say they monitor factors on the wider Internet, while slightly less than half of those in the financial or manufacturing industries said they did the same.

“The internet has become a major part of every business network and these companies must have insight and understanding of the entire landscape to ensure an exceptional end-user experience,” said Jeremy Hitchcock, CEO of Dyn. 

“End users have never had higher standards and more options. Companies must rise to these expectations or risk missing out on the opportunities increased performance offers.” 

Despite this lack of insight into their global internet performance, nearly half of UK companies see their single biggest opportunity within the next ten years within emerging markets (Brazil, Russia, India, China), and, unsurprisingly, 50% said they were working on a strategy to scale internationally. 

But only a third plan to open more data centre facilities internationally, which indicates that companies plan to work with cloud service providers instead of building out their own data centres. 

Furthermore, 92% of respondents said they couldn’t say or were confident in their managed service partners’ ability to advise them on global infrastructure deployment. 

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“The internet is creating unprecedented opportunities for UK companies to find new opportunities in emerging markets,” said Paul Heywood, MD, Dyn EMEA. “To take advantage of this, organisations will continue to need to invest in multiple cloud-based services to ensure their performance is fast, safe and more reliable than ever.” 

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