How to prepare for the nexus of four forces

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Businesses around the world are about to face their biggest challenge (or opportunity) in over two decades. Gartner calls it the nexus of four forces; a rare occasion when four hugely disruptive technology trends converge at one time, threatening to reshape the way businesses operate.

We are, of course, talking about mobile, cloud computing, social networking and information (data): four distinct yet increasingly intertwined technology trends that together are creating an unstoppable force for change.

The impact on everyday business will be far reaching – driving new ways of working where highly connected outcomes, realtime data decision-making, and the delivery of differentiated customer experiences become the norm. And that means organisations need to find the skills to support this.

Clearly, developing an optimised, staffing model with the capabilities to support the enterprise’s transformation to digitised business is going to mean cultivating and developing IT talent from within.

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