‘NoSQL is the wave of the future’: Bob Wiederhold

'More and more CIOs are recognising they've got to start looking at this technology now'

 ‘NoSQL is the wave of the future’: Bob Wiederhold

NoSQL databases have grown steady momentum in a market witnessing conflict between traditional and newer technologies.

The relational database has reigned supreme for a long time as the ubiquitous platform for enterprise data. But the big data trend has sought to challenge that.

Distributed file system Hadoop and parallel processing framework MapReduce have made massive inroads as CIOs recognise the scope for processing large data sets. This anti-SQL army is growing stronger and consequently backing the rise of cloud-based purpose-built NoSQL databases. 

Couchbase is a software company developing and offering the Couchbase Server, which goes up against MongoDB among the leading open source document databases. In this Information Age video, its CEO, Bob Wiederhold, discusses the NoSQL trend.

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