The explosive growth of mobile devices in the workplace creates new opportunities for business innovation, while also introducing new risks. The challenge enterprises face today is how to make mobile devices and apps secure for business use.

Major incidents start to impact businesses within just minutes, often before incident resolution teams can even be engaged. With this immediate impact to business, meeting your major incident SLAs is no longer enough.

A technology’s success or failure is not proportional to the existence of an executive sponsor, solid requirements, or even a deliberately crafted business case. Instead it depends on the existence of rigorous processes and dedicated skills to implement and maintain it.

The cover of Information Age’s September issue is Zurich Insurance CDO Simon Gratton, who takes us inside his mission to bring data-driven, personalised insurance to the masses.

Existing analytics approaches meet point needs for specific roles within an organisation. However, how analysis is carried out, and the roles of people who will be carrying out the analysis, will need to adapt dynamically to meet the organisation’s changing needs.

With new Internet-based threats being launched faster than ever and increasingly targeting “firewall friendly” applications and application-layer vulnerabilities, traditional firewalls are becoming less and less capable of adequately protecting corporate networks.

Tackling the security implications for a virtualized computing environment is essential for the journey to the cloud. This book outlines the challenges of securing the virtualized data center and cloud computing environments and how to address them with next-generation firewalls.

We are entering a new era of the information economy. The advent of ‘big data’, where different types and sources of data need to be brought together and analysed rapidly and effectively, means that new approaches to business analytics are required.

Making the decision to move to the cloud is a largely inevitable but potentially complex step in today's business evolution.