Backing up your virtual machines (VMs) may seem like a simple process, but there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. Backing up physical servers is fairly straightforward: you just install an agent on a server and add it to the backup schedule.

Everyone’s still talking about big data – and for good reason. It’s continuing to grow as the use of computers, mobile devices and the Internet continues to increase.

In this whitepaper - Many enterprises are now migrating their internal data center infrastructure and business applications to the cloud. Private network services are physically separate from the public Internet and they provide guaranteed throughput, availability, and latency.

Before you make any decisions about the next round of cloud investment you need to carefully review the success of your initial implementation or migration and redefine your expectations based on been-there-done-that experiences to date.

The cover of IA’s October issue is Brendan O’Rourke, CIO at O2.

Enterprise mobile applications are currently one of the things keeping CIOs up at night. They know that the right apps can engage customers and make employees more productive by enabling everyone to work and interact the way they prefer.

IT organizations worldwide have invested billions of dollars in automating processes and making their systems better, faster and more connected.

As security requirements and cyber threats keep evolving, network-based security that relies on monitoring command and control servers, suspect sites and IP addresses, and Netflow sessions, as well as looking for unusual activity, brings many benefits.

In this paper:

The explosive growth of mobile devices in the workplace creates new opportunities for business innovation, while also introducing new risks. The challenge enterprises face today is how to make mobile devices and apps secure for business use.

Major incidents start to impact businesses within just minutes, often before incident resolution teams can even be engaged. With this immediate impact to business, meeting your major incident SLAs is no longer enough.