A step-by-step guide to choosing an ERP solution for mid-sized and enterprise businesses.

Enterprise Resource Planning (abbreviated to ERP) solutions are now commonplace in the day-to-day business of industrial, commercial and service providing companies.

Continuing the "To advise not advertise" theme of the previous iterations, the new edition of the Wick Hill Guardian features more thought provoking content from the biggest names in IT security and networking including WatchGuard's Director of Security Strategy Corey Nachreiner, Vasco President

The cover of Information Age’s May 2015 issue features an interview with King’s College CIO Nick Leake, who has circumvented cloud to boost the nation’s research capabilities with the UK’s first collaborative data centre.

Many companies fail to put in place the most fundamental protections to keep themselves safe. To be truly safe, they need to move from ‘myth’ to ‘reality’, shoring up their defences, corporate policies, practices and procedures to the point where they can honestly say:

The cover of Information Age’s April 2015 issues examines wearable technology's place in the workplace.

The cover star of Information Age's March 2015 issue is Charles Ewen, CIO at the UK's national weather service, the Met Office. For many, weather forecasting conjures up an image of a smiley broadcaster pointing to an animated screen.

When you use cloud computing, you access your company data and applications online anywhere and anytime. Cloud computing means that instead of IT being equipment and software you buy and own, it becomes a service – or a set of services – you for pay each month.

Modern working culture continues to shape business communications. Advanced cloud technology now allows you to be completely flexible and sets a new standard of responsiveness.

February 2015 marks Information Age’s first ever Women’s Issue, coinciding with the inaugural Women in IT Awards.

Navicent Health operates a designated Level I Trauma Center and one of 42 twice-designated Magnet® hospitals for nursing excellence nationwide.