Nokia has been in business for more than 150 years, starting with the production of paper in the 1800s and evolving into a leader in mobile and location services that connects more than 1.3 billion people today.

The cover star of Information Age's May issue is Rob Harding, CIO at Capital One. Harding rose up the banking giant’s ranks to become CIO in 2010, when the wounds of recession were still raw and risk-taking was obsolete.

This report will help CIOs, IT decision makers, business strategists and decision makers, cloud platform providers, service provider executives, data managers/developers, and enterprise software and technology vendors understand the fundamentals of web-scale IT and learn how web-scale principles

In April 2015, the company recruited a new head of IT, Mark Prior, with the remit to modernise the IT landscape at Smith & Williamson. A major building block in this process was how to migrate reporting workloads off the legacy Cobol platform.

When IT departments set their minds to providing value to the business, an audit, whether formal or informal, of the current “state of the business” yields valuable insight into what’s working and what isn’t.

IT departments are faced with new challenges, with increased competition, lower customer loyalty and globalisation. It all requires faster development while dealing with shadow IT, legacy systems and requirements for highly skilled teams, with expertise in new, disruptive technologies.

You wouldn’t normally associate farmers with digital innovation – even less so in developing countries. But thanks to CABI’s approach to technology, crops are getting better treatment around the world.

CRM can only help improve sales and the customer experience if it’s fully and consistently adopted throughout the organisation. Many companies have implemented CRM solutions, but too often, actual adoption and usage among employees remains low.

Position shadow as a joint venture between IT and the business with IT playing a more consultative role than it does now.

Big Data has Big Value.