The so-called ‘explosion of data’ has significantly shaped the technology landscape in recent years. The Internet of Things has only added fuel to a fire well built by other trends like mobility, big data and social media.

Big Data applications and the Internet of Things (IoT) are changing and often improving our lives. These applications strive to be simple to use, however the technology stack required to make them work can be very complex.

cyber-threats pose a greater risk to midsize businesses. Why? Large enterprises typically have the resources to recover from a cyber-attack. For a midsize business, however, the financial damages and lost customers due to a data breach can be overwhelming.

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The cover of Information Age’s June 2015 issue features an interview with the CIO at The Royal Free Hospital, which has juggled its vast digitisation of medical records with one of the largest acquisition integrations in NHS history.

Our lives are being changed in ways that we could not have imagined only a decade ago. Some of these are easy to see, while others are more surprising.

The arrival of new data types in such amazing volumes, the phenomenon known as big data, is causing CIOs and business leaders to rethink their current technology portfolio. Few companies will build their own infrastructure. Most will buy it.

A step-by-step guide to choosing an ERP solution for mid-sized and enterprise businesses.

Enterprise Resource Planning (abbreviated to ERP) solutions are now commonplace in the day-to-day business of industrial, commercial and service providing companies.

Continuing the "To advise not advertise" theme of the previous iterations, the new edition of the Wick Hill Guardian features more thought provoking content from the biggest names in IT security and networking including WatchGuard's Director of Security Strategy Corey Nachreiner, Vasco President

The cover of Information Age’s May 2015 issue features an interview with King’s College CIO Nick Leake, who has circumvented cloud to boost the nation’s research capabilities with the UK’s first collaborative data centre.