How To Improve Enterprise Backup and Recovery

Created by Information Age in partnership with backup expert Asigra, this free digital guide shows readers how enterprises are drastically improving their backup and recovery by utilising the power of cloud.

The backup of data remains a basic IT safety net for any large organisation, but the days of traditional backup methods supporting recovery alone are long gone.

With growing data volumes hiking up the cost of essential backup and recovery, the market is undergoing a major shake-up as those in the know are crafting cost-effective tailor-made solutions that can perform a host of other functions, such as archiving and replication.

But with all this added functionality, enterprises are getting bogged down with the costs and maintenance involved with in-house solutions. Instead, the rise of cloud-based solutions is starting to eclipse backup just as it has most of the storage world.

Download this guide to find out why cloud is the most obvious answer to capacity problems, and discovery new recovery-based licensing models that are allowing enterprises to pay a fair price for backup and recovery.

The guide also features 7 steps organisations should follow in choosing a cloud backup service provider, insights around the merits of agent less backup, and real-world case studies.

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