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6 reasons to hire big data talent for 2020

Automation & Robotics

Capita draw up five-point guide to automation

Digital Transformation

Demands gap between IT and office staff found by study

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Digital work to increase 50% within two years, says study

Business Skills

C-level: it’s time to get onboard with technology. Disrupt or be disrupted…


Techxit: is the UK facing an exodus of tech workers?

Brexit... the most used phrased in Britian? What about Techxit – will the UK face an exodus of tech workers?

Automation & Robotics

Don’t be an RPA tourist, implement effective change management

AI & Machine Learning

Why should businesses be investing in AI?

Software and Applications

The anatomy of an outage – how software performance problems are affecting the digital world

Businesses well understand the importance of providing seamless customer journeys, but we’ve seen a growing spate of digital service outages and software performance problems in recent months.

AI & Machine Learning

The route to a fully autonomous drone

AI & Machine Learning

Navigating the risks, practicalities and opportunities of AI

AI & Machine Learning

The secret behind scaling RPA across the enterprise