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Data Protection & Privacy

How do you solve a problem like Facebook?

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Zuckerberg dodges key questions from the European Parliament

Tech Giants

Facebook: Hopes for tougher questioning over ‘shadow profiles’

Ahead of Mark Zuckerberg’s meeting with the European Parliament tomorrow, researchers from Cliqz, are urging EU lawmakers not to let the Facebook CEO off without being questioned on ‘shadow profiles’ and the social network’s collection of data.


Cambridge Analytica declares bankruptcy

Data Protection & Privacy

Twitter engulfed in Cambridge Analytica scandal

Digital Transformation

Digital disruption means ethics is playing catch-up

While it can’t be denied that technology has been driving the biggest disruptions in business across the past decade, it should also be noted that in numerous cases, regulation, and indeed ethics, have struggled to keep up.

Tech Giants

Mark Zuckerberg passes first test after Cambridge Analytica scandal

Automation & Robotics

How does Facebook leverage automation to reach key audiences?

Financial Services

Apple vs Facebook: The immersive tech showdown

Media & Marketing

What Facebook’s results tell us about the platform’s immunity to criticism

Facebook’s recent focus on mobile and video has been critical to their success. Now the question has to be asked - is it too big too fail?


Facebook to offer every UK secondary school digital safety ambassadors