25 CSPs join Microsoft’s global cloud consortium


Microsoft today introduced the Cloud OS Network, a worldwide consortium of more than 25 cloud service providers (CSPs) delivering services built on the Microsoft Cloud Platform.

These organisations support Microsoft’s Cloud OS vision of a consistent platform that spans customer data centres, Windows Azure and service provider clouds.

Service providers in the Cloud OS Network offer Microsoft-validated, cloud-based infrastructure and application solutions designed to meet customer needs.

“This network of leading service providers will help our customers create data centres without boundaries for apps, data and device management,” said Takeshi Numoto, Microsoft corporate vice president of Cloud & Enterprise Marketing.

“That translates into greater diversity of solutions, more flexibility and lower operational costs for customers, allowing them to focus on their core business rather than managing datacenters.” More comments from Numoto can be found on the official Microsoft blog.

Every organisation has different needs and different IT requirements for addressing those needs.

The idea of the Cloud OS Network is for customers to have even more choice in deploying hybrid solutions on the Microsoft Cloud Platform — either in their data centre, in Windows Azure or, now, through a network of service providers.

Customers also benefit from uniquely tailored, fully managed services within their local market, as well as a high degree of technical consistency across environments, which prevents vendor lock-in and enables flexibility.

As a result, customers can focus on increasing efficiencies, improving employee productivity and lowering operational costs, Microsoft said.

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As cloud adoption accelerates, service providers are focused on delivering value-added services to meet customer demand for hybrid cloud solutions.

According to Microsoft, by joining it in the Cloud OS Network, leading cloud service providers can quickly and cost-effectively develop new services, attract new customers and increase revenues. With the Microsoft Cloud Platform, service providers have access to the capabilities of and best practices from Windows Azure, it added.

“CSC continues to expand our strategic partnership with Microsoft to increase value to our clients and bring next-gen solutions to market,” said Marc Silvester, vice president of offerings management at CSC.

“CSC and Microsoft continue to partner on offerings that leverage the tremendous growth in apps, devices and data that are driven by the rise of cloud computing.

“As these technologies play an ever-increasing role in business, CSC and Microsoft are working together to drive more efficiency and value through Microsoft’s Cloud OS vision. CSC is proud to be part of Microsoft’s Cloud OS Network.”

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