Payments technology

The future of biometric payments

Nearly 90% of consumers are excited about using biometrics, such as fingerprints or facial scans, when paying for things. The consensus is that they’re safer and easier to use than passwords. We go behind the technology of biometric payments

Payments technology


Blockchain technology in payments

Blockchain is driving value for payments businesses and consumers across cryptocurrencies, CBDCs and stablecoin infrastructure

Payments technology

What’s the future of wearable payment devices?

The global market for wearable payment technology is expected to be worth $137bn by 2030, whether that’s using smartwatches, bracelets, jewellery – or even having a chip embedded under you skin


A history of online payment security

Over the years, industry leaders in internet business transactions have worked to create complex systems for ensuring online payment security

Payments technology

Future of payments technology

Consumers demand speed, convenience and security when it comes to payments, which puts technology in the driving seat

Disruptive Innovation

6 payments technology companies disrupting the sector

Here are some companies that are making waves in the payments technology space, bolstering transaction processes for businesses