3 industries that will benefit from IT advances in 2018

Where will technology take businesses, what will be the big breakthrough this year and what industries will benefit most from IT? These are the common questions that swirl
around at this time of year as industry leaders try to take a stab at answering them.

This article will look at what industries are looking to benefit the most from IT advances this year, which will most definitely help to set the tone as to where technology will go in 2018.

1. The healthcare industry

This particular industry won’t come as much of a surprise to most in the IT or healthcare fields. In reality, IT advances have been the driving force in the medical industry for quite some time now.

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Whether looking at it from the electronic medical filing system standpoint, the many software developments that have produced such high-quality options as AMCOM software, or from a medical equipment perspective with IT advancing the capabilities of imaging, surgery, and more.

Then there is artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which is predicted to completely shake-up the healthcare industry over the next ten years. It can literally transform the way people approach healthcare and will also bring about some pretty serious conversations regarding ethics.

2. The lifestyle industry

All someone has to do is take a look at what the top App Store downloads were on Christmas Day 2017 to see just how important the IT lifestyle industry has become.

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Topping the App Store charts were the Google Home and Amazon Echo free apps, which work in conjunction with their smart speaker home devices. No longer is creating a smart home something that will happen in the future, it is now present-day.

There is this very real desire for people to create smart networks in their home, automating as much as possible, and looking for technology equipment and pieces that will help to make their daily life easier, smoother and faster.

3. The marketing industry

This one may not pop into someone’s mind immediately, but the fact is that IT advances have really changed the way company’s approach and create a marketing plan. Where it used to be that companies used traditional forms of marketing such as magazine/newspaper ads, television ads and radio ads, in today’s digital and social network-reliant age, there is a whole new approach to marketing.

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Now, from a marketer’s standpoint, their job has also gotten a bit easier too thanks to technology. They can make use of a variety of tools that help to better target their audience, how to engage, where to engage and what kind of results they are getting. These tools are helping companies to be more effective in their efforts, which is leading to greater sales and profits.

Technology will be the driving force to watch in 2018

No matter what industry someone looks at in 2018, expect technology advancements to play a huge role in where that industry goes.

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