3 tips for deploying enterprise applications in the cloud

Cloud computing has risen in popularity for its flexibility and cost-effectiveness in storing, retrieving and backing up data, saving companies time and stress. Because of this, more than half of U.S. businesses are using it.

Deploying to the cloud can be time consuming. It also might require bringing an expert in if there isn’t someone in house who understands how it works.

But, understanding these three tips will make deploying enterprise applications in the cloud a smooth process. 

1. Create as much automation as possible

Companies run on CRMs, ELPs or another type of messaging application. This is one of the first applications they will want to deploy in the cloud, but to get one of them automatically up in just a few clicks is difficult.

Organisations can either hire an outside expert, who will take around three or days to get the project up and running, or outsource to a third-party company to help with the process.

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2. Use the right dependencies

In the cloud, no application ever runs by itself – it’s always dependent on something. Everything is connected. Because of this, it’s important to make sure the application is pointing to a database. It’s also important to point it to the correct database so if things change or move you can reference back to those same dependencies and databases.

3. Manage the operation 

Once everything is fully deployed, it’s important to back it all up. You don’t want to lose any data, so make sure this is one of the first things you do. Again, you have options when deciding how to do this. You could hire an application expert, but 80% of the tasks are basic. Many companies choose to hire an outside company to help efficiently operate the process. 


Sourced from John Yung, CEO, Appcara

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