3/4 of European c-levels own a tablet, says Frost & Sullivan

More than three quarters of c-level executives own at least one tablet computer, a new survey from Frost & Sullivan shows, with twenty percent owning two or more.

C-levels cited family needs, business/private use, and working from different locations as the reasons for owning more than one tablet. Eighty percent said they used their e-reader or tablet during leisure or business time.

Tablets haven’t started to replace laptops and notebooks by any means though, with 98% of c-levels using a laptop at work. Dell was the most popular brand of laptop, while Apple’s tablets were the most popular.

Business use of desktops is in decline though, says Frost & Sullivan analyst Christina Alfaro. Smartphone use in businesses also dropped from 2009 levels.

Apple was also the most popular brand for smartphones, leapfrogging RIM’s Blackberry, the most popular in Frost & Sullivan’s 2009 survey. Apple’s increasing grip at c-level was reflected in the slipping popularity of Nokia, HTC and Sony Ericsson phones.

Alfaro notes that c-levels rate build quality and ease-of-use higher than security and application compatibility when it comes to mobile devices. For laptops, reliability was the most important quality.

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