5 ways to make your home the ultimate tech den

It has also altered the typical interior of the modern living space, as concepts such as SMART technology begin to take hold and augment our perception of everything from managing heating to home security.

This and other types of technology will prove pivotal if you want to turn your home into the ultimate tech den, give your tenants a dynamic environment, or even if you’re looking at selling a buy to let property through Open Property group for a nice profit.

We break down the key features you need add to your property today.

1. Go wireless

This may sound obvious, but it is impossible to create an advanced tech den without wireless connectivity. You may need to consider upgrading your router to achieve this, as this is the single most important part of your network and can help to remove any bandwidth bottlenecks that exist within your home network. Fast and reliable wireless technology can support an advanced tech den, and one which includes multiple elements.

2. Invest in diverse hardware

In order to drive even greater connectivity within your tech den, it is crucial that you invest in diverse and flexible hardware. Take Google’s Chromecast, for example, which is a multimedia device that can stream content from your smartphone directly to a desktop, laptop or flat screen television. This can subsequently host both games and movies from a single device without incurring huge costs.

3. Create a focal point for your den

Your den also needs a bold and striking focal point, and one through which all of your entertainment activities can be channelled. The best example of this is a high-resolution, large screen television, which boasts either a flat or an LCD display. Not only can you access an entire library of games and films through your television, but it also serves as a centrepiece around which the layout of your room can be organised.

4. Use SMART technology to create a comfortable environment

The whole point of creating a den is to spend time in there, regardless of the precise activities that you enjoy. It is therefore crucial that you create a comfortable space and embrace smart technology as a way of achieving this. SMART technology hubs can be used to control everything from heating to home security, creating a comfortable environment that is conducive to relaxation and recreation.

5. Integrate furniture into the space

Finally, you will need to ensure that your den is well stocked with comfortable and affordable furniture. A gaming chair is an excellent purchase for fans of console and episodic titles, while you may also want to add cheap sofas if you intend to entertain. If you have a small space, you could also invest in multipurpose chairs and tables that also include storage.

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