5 ways your VPN can unleash the power of the internet

With internet freedoms being curbed and service providers being given unprecedented control over this essential amenity, many journalists, activists and citizens are turning to the best vpns to protect their internet access.

Security seems to be the primary concern for VPN users. There’s no doubt a VPN can protect your data and help prevent cyber attacks on your online business. But this technology is capable of a lot more. Here’s how VPNs can help you unleash the true power of the internet:

1. Unblocking content

Most users don’t realise how much control their Internet Service Provider or ISP has on the content they consume. ISPs can block access to certain sites and throttle the speed of your connection when you’re trying to stream your favourite show or read an article published on an international site.

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Content creators often block access to their platforms too. Netflix, for example, has a separate library in each region, with some regions getting access to only a small fraction of all their movies despite paying the full price for subscription. HBO Go, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer do something similar due to licensing or legal requirements. A Smart DNS Proxy can help you unlock restricted content and watch anything from anywhere in the world.

2. Speed up your internet

ISPs don’t just block content, they can also throttle the speed of your connection. Streaming sites like YouTube and Netflix are most commonly throttled because they take up so much bandwidth.

This means that ISPs can get away with providing slower internet speeds than what you paid for and what they advertised while signing you up for the service. By masking
the nature of your traffic with a VPN that offers built-in encryption you can avoid this unfair practice and stream content at the speed you were promised.

3. Save money

Being able to switch IPs with a VPN can help you access sites from any part of the world. This can help save you money as you shop online from different geographies, mask your
internet history from airline ticket providers and get the best deal, or access free deals offered in other countries.

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4. Uncensored social platforms

The Great Chinese Firewall is a notorious example of how governments can restrict access to the global internet. Other regions like the UAE, Britain, and Iran have restricted certain parts of the internet for their citizens without a public debate or a legitimate reason for doing so.

VPNs allow citizens to break through the local firewall and access information that can ultimately empower them.

5. Upload / Download any file

File-sharing sites are an integral part of the web, but ISPs tend to block these platforms indiscriminately. This means a whole world of important files, documents, books, and resources are off-limits to everyone. VPNs can unlock these sites and help users torrent files unrestricted.

From streaming videos in-flight to getting rid of internet censorship, VPNs are more than privacy and encryption tools. These are just some examples of how a good VPN can help you unleash the true power of the global internet.

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