Adobe relaunches Acrobat as cloud collaboration suite

Document management software provider Adobe has released a suite of software and services that it hopes will transform the Acrobat document creation tool into a platform for collaboration and communication between workers.

The company today announced a public beta testing scheme for, a suite of hosted software tools that are designed to help people work on documents collaboratively.

These include a web-based word processor, a web-conferencing tool, online file sharing and a selection of application programming interfaces (APIs) to allow developers to integrate and enhance the platform.

“Fifteen years ago, PDF [printable document format] moved the world from paper to electronic documents without sacrificing print quality, changing the way we share information,” said Rob Tarkoff, of Adobe’s business productivity unit.

“ extends that vision, moving the world from email attachments to online collaborative documents without sacrificing authoring quality,” he continued.

Adobe has succeeded in making the aforementioned PDF a ubiquitous feature of document creation and management, but has had less success in turning that into money.

The company sees in ‘cloud computing’ an opportunity to play a greater role in the business software industry.

Its AIR development platform allows software developers to build applications that execute ‘in the cloud’ – i.e. on remote servers delivered over the Internet – but that look and function like desktop tools.

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Pete Swabey

Pete Swabey

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