Agile breeds more successful software projects – poll

Agile and iterative software development methodoloiges result in a larger proportion of successful IT projects than traditional models, according to a poll by Ambysoft, a consultancy firm run by IBM Agile expert Scott Ambler.

The poll, completed by 178 IT professionals across large and small organisations, found that over 60% of Agile and iterative projects were successul, compared to around 50% of traditional projects.

Respondents reported that Agile approaches are more effective in terms of "time and schedule" than traditional, waterfall methods.

On a scale of -10 to +10, where +10 is most effective, traditional methods scored -1.4 for time and schedule compared to a score of 4.7 for Agile methodologies. Traditional methods were also beaten on quality, return on investment and value ratings.

The poll also asked repondents how they judge their development projects to be successul. The number one criteria, ranked top by 80% of respondnets, was meeting stakeholder needs.

Beyond that, respondents said that delivering high quality systems that are easy to maintain and that deliver a strong return on investment is more important the being on time and on budget.

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