What is the answer to the acceleration of a digital transformation strategy?

Hyper converged infrastructure (HCI) emerged as the answer for digital transformation acceleration, in a study released by NetApp. It found that 22% of the respondents adopted the technology for scalability, with 20% adopting it for access to data.

The majority of businesses are undergoing some form of digital transformation, around 82% according to the survey. However, these projects often stall as a number of hurdles appear.

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Top concern

The success or failure of digital transformation is a top concern for big businesses. The level of concern is high among larger businesses, with the survey stating the 42% see digital transformation as a primary concern, while only 2% said digital transformation is a low priority.


HCI is already in use for the majority of businesses. To navigate increasingly data-driven enterprises, HCI is the solution of choice, with 80% of UK businesses already using it and 11% planning to in the next 12 months, according to the survey. Only 4% said they have no plans to adopt HCI.

What is key factor for HCI adoption in relation to digital transformation?

The NetApp survey found that security is a key motivation for HCI adoption, with ease of use and cost savings following close behind. However, 49% of respondents stated hardware costs as a primary concern when considering HCI adoption.

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With 78% of IT decision makers taking part in the study indicating that they are ready for HCI technology, the market is ripe for a next-gen HCI solution.

“We are in the middle of a massive shift from hardware to software environments,” said Tim Pitcher, vice president, NGDC, NetApp. “It is clear from NetApp’s research that businesses are informed and making the move to more software-defined infrastructures. Digital transformation is leaving no business untouched, and it is encouraging to see the openness to change, with the majority of UK businesses already using HCI. NetApp’s next-gen HCI solution is set to plug the market gap with its data fabric integration and automation capabilities. It is not only smaller businesses that benefit from HCI’s automation features, but big businesses too – such features could go some way to alleviating their concerns around digital transformation.”

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