Atempo enhances Miria with new Analytics product

Known for Time Navigator, AKA Tina, Atempo continues to address large unstructured data configurations and challenges with Miria, its dedicated data management software product. Miria was chosen by DDN, Qumulo and Huawei, among others, to feed their migration and data management needs.

The recent IT Press Tour provided the opportunity to understand the trajectory of the company, with new technology and product directions.

Miria is essentially a product line sharing some common layers and functions across various iterations. We find Miria for Backup; Miria for Migration; Miria for Archiving; Miria for Data Move and Sync; and lastly, Miria for Analytics.

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Inside this product line, we see several key technologies that strengthen Atempo in such demanding environments:

  • FastScan is a crawling feature that navigates file servers, NAS and other data sources to find candidates for specific copy/move and sync tasks. The engineering team has developed an advanced engine that uses NFS, SMB and Posix interfaces for parallel file systems.
  • SnapStor is a specific module to provide disaster recovery (DR) for Miria Backup, with the capability to expose the backup image via NFS or SMB that ease the restore process.
  • Data Mover, as the name reflects, is a software engine that transfers or transports data between sources and targets. Miria leverages this component across the line with backup, archive, move and copy needs. It provides some advanced load balancing capabilities, failover and parallelism to maintain quality of service.
  • Anti-ransomware capabilities come with with encryption and 3-2-1-1 scheme for backup.

The newest companion is Analytics, and is a horizontal element used by various Miria modules. It is developed by NextIno, the AI lab of Atempo. Analytics helps Miria to increase the knowledge of discovered data and feed data management policies, movements and workflows. The first module is Analytics Essentials, available today, and will be followed by Analytics Augmented in April 2022.

Atempo continues to innovate with Miria, with new features, modules and functions being released regularly. As of today, Miria supports many file, object, tape and cloud storage technologies and products for the source and target entities, and could be considered one of the most flexible solutions on the market.

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