August 2002

Cover story:
Impossible choice
Selecting a telecoms and web hosting provider has become a high-stakes game of chance, leaving IT directors with fewer and fewer options.

Application foundations
The changing role of application servers means that choosing the right platform has become a complex challenge.

Portal economy
Do the benefits of installing a corporate portal really match up to the costs of building and maintaining it?


Choices are narrowing for IT decision-makers, says Kenny MacIver.

INSIDER — updates and downloads
Highlights, facts and inside stories from the frontiers of the information economy.
Challenges to IT recruitment
Battling the spam onslaught
Cap Gemini faces cleaning bill
B2B boom still pending
Chalk up another one to the hackers
Is Sun saying ‘maybe’ to Wintel
Information Age executive roundtables
NabarroNathanson awards
Information Management Awards 2002

Feedback, opinion, amplification, clarification, corrections.

PERSPECTIVE — technology, strategy and financial analysis
The Information Age interview
Catherine Doran, European CIO, Capital One

Audit assurance
How can senior executives ‘see’ what is going on in the far-flung corners of a sprawling multi-national company?

Expert advice
Beth Barling, senior analyst at AMR Research, on reverse auctions.

Good migrations
Which of Hewlett-Packard’s seven operating systems will survive?

The return of the fat client?
Web services and peer-to-peer technologies could spark a client-server revival.

REPORT CARD — company analysis
A round up of the strategic and business issues facing key suppliers in the information technology industry.

PROSPECTUS — companies to watch
A guide to the products and strategies of some of the youngest and fastest growing companies in the global technology industry.

FINANCIAL REPORT — financial results
Highlights and comment relating to the quarterly results of the main suppliers of information technology.
Systems management
Infoconomy Index
EMC’s slump deepens

UNDER OFFER — mergers and acquisitions
The important deals in the global IT industry in recent weeks, and emerging consolidation trends.

INFORMATION UNIT — industry trends
Information Unit tracks the key trends affecting the global information economy and analyses the evolution of technology in corporations worldwide.
Software piracy
Information sharing
Supply chain management
Personal computers

Reviews of the latest technology business books
Securing e-business systems
Domain names

Pete Swabey

Pete Swabey

Pete was Editor of Information Age and head of technology research for Vitesse Media plc from 2005 to 2013, before moving on to be Senior Editor and then Editorial Director at The Economist Intelligence...

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