August 2005

Ten year view
Information Age’s first 10 years span the most dynamic period in IT history with the birth and growth of the web, Y2K, the dot-com boom and bust, security, mobility and other momentous events that re-cast the industry.

Ten year top tens
A guide to the highs and lows, heroes and villains, hits and misses of the 10 years that established the information age.

The CIO’s decade
Some of the most renowned figures in IT management share their perceptions on the changes that shaped the industry – and their careers – over the past decade.


Digging deep into the issues at the heart of corporate IT.
Can technology solve the productivity problems and information overload it has created?
Microsoft’s new version of Office promises to help
Why the service-oriented architecture is flowing down into the trough of disillusionment
Google and IBM light up broadband over power lines

Expert advice
Single-instance ERP is a noble goal, but consolidation requires careful management, says Forrester Research’s R Ray Wang.

Data centre evolution
Information Age readers tackle the issues of heat and power in the comms room at another roundtable debate.


Month in review

The latest news from the IT industry: HP cuts 10% of its workforce, Intel is raided by the EC, the mobile Internet rides again, the EU rules on software patents and Bernie Ebbers goes to jail.
Infoconomy Index

Company analysis
News in depth:
HP’s restructuring
IBM fills out its e-forms
Nokia’s enterprise play
Microsoft declares war on the business software industry

Mergers & acquisitions

The rivalry between Oracle and SAP continues, while Concerto buys Aspect in a billion-dollar deal.

Financial report
The latest results from three IT giants paint a rosy picture, but behind the healthy numbers are a few weak spots.

Letter from the Editor
The hottest stories in IT are no longer about technology and its vendors but about those that buy it and apply it, says Kenny MacIver.

Readers’ letters
Feedback on recent articles on supply chain, denial of service attacks and IT disasters.

"Software should cost more when run on multi-core chips."
Pass IT on
Digital payment
Extreme IT: Any old tape

Industry trends
Analyst reports and surveys on:
Getting the most out of outsourcing
Assessing the risks of memory sticks
India’s top ten offshore outsourcing partners
Demand for web site analysis tools surges
Rapid rise for enterprise content management

Book review

Last word
Legislation that relies on cutting-edge IT for success should be treated with caution, says Andrew Lawrence.

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