Anna is Senior Reporter, covering topics affecting SMEs such as grant funding, managing employees and the day-to-day running of a business.

Data Analytics & Data Science

Why data isn’t the answer to everything

Splunk's James Hodge explains the problem with using data (and AI) in helping you make key business decisions

Generative AI

Tech leader profile: learning from IoT errors to inform AI

Kirsty Paine, Strategic Advisor in Technology and Innovation for Splunk, warns of the bad cybersecurity mistakes you should be avoiding

Generative AI

Tech leaders profile: seeing AI as an opportunity

John, Mike and Kevin from N-able's leadership team explain why you should be leaning into AI and how to embrace the opportunity mindset


7 things you should know about hackers

Keren Elazari, The Friendly Hacker, shares seven things you need to know about hackers – and how you can stay ahead of the malicious ones

Business Continuity

Tech leaders profile: protect your business from disaster

N-able's Chris Groot and Stefan Voss discuss the essential issues surrounding back-up and disaster recovery