David Adams has been a journalist since 1997 and is a former editor of a B2B financial technology magazine. Since going freelance in 2002, he has written hundreds of articles about many subjects, but most have been linked in some way to business and/or technology. For more than 20 years he has observed the development of online and mobile technologies, writing about their impact on our lives at work and at home – from fintech to social media and the technologies that drive TV streaming services.

Payments technology

What’s the future of wearable payment devices?

The global market for wearable payment technology is expected to be worth $137bn by 2030, whether that’s using smartwatches, bracelets, jewellery – or even having a chip embedded under you skin

Software and Applications

Key Web3 projects for business

What does Web3 really mean for businesses today - and how might they use it in the future? David Adams looks at Web3 business use cases

Generative AI

What ChatGPT means for developers


CTO salary – how much can you earn where?

Smart Cities

Smart office trends to watch