Azzurri launches Mobile Business Unit

Azzurri Communications, a leading UK provider of managed communications services, has today announced the launch of its new Mobile Business Unit as it seeks a lead in mobile operations innovation.

Richard White, formerly of BT and O2/Telefonica, has been appointed as the head of the new division.

With mobile devices becoming the medium of choice for many aspects of IT within the business – such as internet access, web browsing, email, collaboration and conferencing – organisations are quickly having to adapt.

This new approach requires organisations to integrate their previously disparate mobile and client computing strategies in new ways to combine smartphones, tablets and PCs under one cohesive infrastructure.

Recognising this shift towards mobility, Azzurri says it has founded the new Mobile Business Unit in order to take the lead in developing complete ’connected workforce’ solutions for its customers.

The Mobile Business Unit will leverage Azzurri’s portfolio of mobile solutions and specialist convergence skills to deliver the specific solutions required by the connected workforce, such as application and document security and containerisation, mobile application management, and enterprise content management and file sharing.

It will also include an application development capability, providing Azzurri’s customers with a completely integrated mobile offering from the devices through to the network, the platform and the applications.

“Nearly two-thirds of organisations anticipate that they will be using a mobile device as their main productivity device within three years,” said Vim Vithaldas, CEO, Azzurri.

“Such a dramatic shift requires a radical new approach to the delivery of IT services, as the old PC-centric managed service approach no longer resonates with today’s mobile workforce.

“Azzurri’s new Mobile Business Unit is the manifestation of this shift to a mobile world, bringing together under one integrated service the products, services and expertise required to enable this new way of doing business. With the launch of the Mobile Business Unit, Azzurri is poised to lead the change in this new world order.”

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 White added: “Mobile productivity has evolved considerably in recent years. It is no longer about just letting employees check their work email or send text messages whilst on the move, it is now fundamentally about enabling the ‘always on’ workforce.

“Most businesses understand that there are opportunities to enhance their customer interactions and workforce productivity through tablets and mobile applications, but they need help to adapt to this opportunity.”

For the last five years White was the head of financial markets and enterprise fixed services at Telefonica, managing cross functional team relationships with some of Telefonica’s largest Enterprise clients – spanning retail and investment banking, legal, insurance and business services verticals.

Most recently, he held the role of head of sales for Telefonica’s Government Smart Metering team, where he led the successful bid for the Government Smart Metering project, resulting in a 15 year contract with a value of £1.5bn.

“We are thrilled to have Richard as part of our team. He brings vast experience and will help us to transform our business with the development of our new business unit,” said Vithaldas.

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