Barracuda launches first Azure-native SD-WAN service

Deployed directly from Azure, the new SD-WAN service allows Barracuda customers to use the Microsoft Global Network as their WAN backbone.

The network architecture that Barracuda CloudGen WAN provides allows for cost saving on comparatively inflexible network connectivity circuits.

Built on the cloud, the SaaS solution can be scaled according to current traffic workload, which further minimises cost and optimises network performance.

In addition, the service can be deployed in as many regions as needed within the organisation, administered centrally in the CloudGen WAN portal for all office locations and remote endpoints, and tailored to the user’s specific needs by creating a SASE solution.

“With an all-in-one, secure SD-WAN solution natively built on the public cloud network, enterprises can finally make the shift to more public cloud deployments, both faster and more securely,” said Hatem Naguib, COO of Barracuda.

“We appreciate the relationship we have developed with Microsoft over the years and the close collaboration over many months to integrate Barracuda SD-WAN technology natively on Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN Hubs.

“We know this is the future of networking in the public cloud, and we’re excited to be on this forefront with Microsoft.”

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Yousef Khalidi, corporate vice-president, Azure Networking at Microsoft, commented: “Cloud-native, secure SD-WAN technology, like the new CloudGen WAN service from Barracuda, provides a fast, reliable, and direct path to Microsoft Azure.

“We’re pleased to collaborate with Barracuda for this new wave of faster public cloud adoption to help our joint customers optimise network performance.”

Leon Sevriens, program manager, IT at Humankind, commented: “A cloud-first strategy asks for a different approach on connectivity. We have invested heavily in Microsoft Office 365 adoption across the organisation, and traditional connectivity doesn’t fit the bill anymore.

“We need a solution that is focused on delivering application performance, not just ‘plain’ connectivity. That’s why we’re moving forward with Barracuda CloudGen WAN.”

A recent SD-WAN report from Barracuda found that the technology in general can help users overcome the common public cloud security challenges of lack of access control and backhauling traffic.

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