The best tech podcasts to keep you informed during Covid-19 lockdown

As data and AI take a bigger role in all aspects of business, knowing the basics of tech, SaaS and big data is essential for business leaders no matter what your industry — tech podcasts can help you keep on top of trends and stay informed.

Over the last year I’ve had to learn what the big themes and conversations are in this space because more and more of my clients come from the entrepreneurial tech scene. So, I listen to podcasts wherever I can. Here’s my roundup of the best and most educational tech podcasts (in no particular order).

1. TechCrunch equity podcast

Released every Monday morning and Friday evening (Pacific Time) to fill you in on all you need to know in tech news. The Monday episode of TechCrunch Equity is a quick seven-minute briefing. It takes in a quick look at the markets, the main tech stories from that morning and the weekend and what you should keep an eye on during the week. The stories are mostly US-focussed.

Its quick format makes it a high time-to-learning value, and presenter Alex Wilhelm has a relaxed conversational style as if he’s ad-libbing which makes it an easy listen. Its Friday episode is longer, featuring a topical interview with a VC or leader of a tech firm.

2. Tech.EU

If you operate in Europe this is by far the most comprehensive news-led podcast filling you in with everything you need to know on the European tech scene. Its listenable format with three knowledgeable presenters from journalistic and academic backgrounds mirrors a traditional radio news show format.

Tech.EU kicks off with a scripted news bulletin. Then there’s a chattier roundup of the main tech stories from consumer and tech publications across Europe, followed by presenter-led discussion on juicy talking point stories such as VC tweets that have caused a stir. Sometimes it features a guest interview with a VC or founder from across the region.

3. This week in tech (

If you’re less interested in B2B tech companies, then this one will fill you in on everything you need to know about consumer tech.

This week in tech is probably one for a long car journey, coming in at around two hours long. Hosted by the former presenter of Tech TV, Leo Laporte and former TechTV employees, it’s high profile and slick production stands out from the typical ‘back bedroom produced’ feel that many tech podcasts have.

Typical format includes up to three guests discussing current technology news and reviews, with a focus on consumer electronics and the internet. Given its length, you’re unlikely to glean

clear takeaway facts and advice, but it’s high on entertainment value, as the guests are always lively.

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4. This Week in Start-ups

This Week in Start-ups is a good hybrid of up to date news stories from the tech start-up scene from Silicon Valley and beyond, and strategy on how to build and improve a business.

Released twice a week, Host Jason Calacanis has a rotating group of guest experts who give their take on interesting stories from the world of entrepreneurship. the format is flexible, sometimes featuring a high-profile guest from the tech space to talk about the battles of being an entrepreneur and other times the host dedicates the episode to answering questions submitted from tech founders.

5. 14 minutes of SaaS

If it’s personal stories of other pathfinders in tech that you’re looking for, then this is one of the most succinct yet heartfelt interview series you’ll find. In just 14 minutes Stephen Cummins interviews founders of hyper-growth SaaS Scale-ups. Guests are strictly category leaders only heading up companies with a valuation of $300m and above.

The conversations in 14 minutes of SaaS are always face-to-face and taken from different conferences around the world, so they have a live feel to them. The usual ground covered includes – short life history, why they started their business, a day in the life, personal attributes leading to success, weaknesses, business strategy and challenges they’ve overcome.

6. The Artificial Intelligence: AI Podcast with Lex Fridman

To be listened to when you have time and focus. The Artificial Intelligence: AI Podcast with Lex Fridman is a true deep dive into a meaty issue to do with science and technology, AI, AGI, big data, deep learning, neuroscience, cognitive science and all intellectual topics in between.

Hosted by Lex Fridman, an academic at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, it features interviews with researchers, influencers and leaders on how the above topics are addressing global problems or shaping our society.

Previous topics have included human-robot interaction, quantum gravity and the science of consciousness. Select carefully, the length of each varies from 30 mins to 2 hours.

Written by Helen Croydon, a former journalist and founder of Thought Leadership PR, specialising in raising profiles of entrepreneurs and investors and is host of The Media Insider Podcast

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