Best VPN services for UK customers

During the past several years, the importance of VPNs has drastically increased.

Every day we hear from news and our friends about new cases of government snooping, Internet providers, who block your content, and hackers, who steal the important data. VPNs are especially important for those, who constantly use unprotected WiFi signals in coffee shops, department stores, and hotel rooms.

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Unprotected WiFi signal is the most popular way of stealing data from other devices. And we are not talking about computers and laptops only. Since any smartphone has an Internet access, it becomes a potential object for hackers and cyber criminals.

This article is going to discuss VPN services for the UK, particularly. In case you want to get more information about VPN in general, continue reading this article to get to know 5 in 2017.

Top 3 VPN services for the UK

1. ExpressVPN – This service is easy to use and setup. The interface will be very simple, even for a beginner Internet user. It has the same application for any other device.

The service offers over 60 servers in 93+ different countries. P2P Downloading is allowed. The only thing you should pay attention to is that ExpressVPN is a bit pricier than an average VPN service. And you can have some minor issues when trying to connect from China and the Middle East.

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2. PureVPN – The service has servers in over 140 countries worldwide. It has user-friendly interface and all the essential functions are displayed on the home screen altogether. You can quickly switch between different modes.

The speed of the connection is quite good and almost the same as the company claims. The service offers a customised experience with 5 different options: to stream, to get Internet freedom, to get security/privacy, file-sharing or remote/dedi IP only. So, you have a choice here. You get 2 protocols: PPTP and L2TP. You can also sync your favourite servers to connect immediately after login.

3. NordVPN – This is the only VPN service, which accepts Bitcoin as a standard payment method. The company has moderate prices, but not the lowest on the market. Generally, the interface is pretty simple and modern.

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A location map is pretty good and covers 790+ servers in over 58 countries worldwide. A fast connection is guaranteed. Any connection you want is one click away. The service reacts very fast and connects you in seconds to a needed server.

As you can see, each server has some pros and cons. But the main principle of work and the main features are the same.


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