Bribing employees expensive, finds survey

A poll of London workers by researchers from Infosec, Europe’s largest IT security event held in May, found that while a third feel significantly less loyal toward their employers than they did a year ago and over half currently fear for their jobs, bribing them to hand over significant amounts of sensitive company information would still be expensive.

Of the corruptible third, 63% could only be bought for more than a million pounds, 10% in exchange for paying off their mortgage, 5% for a holiday or a new job, 4% for their credit card debt, and small but still worrying 2% for just a free meal.

The employees surveyed said they had access to considerable amounts of sensitive information including customer databases (83%), business plans (72%), accounting systems (53%), human resources databases (51%) and IT admin passwords (37%).

Around two thirds said it would be easy to sneak this information out of their organisation.

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