Connection made: BT delivers strong wi-fi to London venue

BT Wi-fi has announced it will deliver cutting edge technology to ensure high quality, high speed wi-fi connectivity for those visiting 30 Euston Square, an award winning events venue and home of the Royal College of General Practitioners.

The site is Grade II* listed Victorian building that has modern event spaces.

Inside a 300 seat Auditorium can be found with exhibition space and 18 meeting and training rooms.

Previously connection in this building was problematic.

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However, Tony Mills, site delivery project manager for BT Wi-fi, confirmed that the upgrades make 30 Euston Square “one of the UK’s most comprehensively connected venues as it provides organisers with the confidence that wi-fi connection is seamless on multiple devices throughout the whole of the venue, even in peak times.”

The upgrades, which use Cisco hardware to more than double the venue’s available bandwidth through the addition of new access points containing the latest technology, will allow devices to connect across both 2.5 and 5 GHz channels resulting in even more connections to the venue’s superfast internet connection.

Mills suggested that “whilst many venues and buildings invest in high speed internet lines they lack enough access points to effectively make use of such high speed infrastructure, which effectively limits the number of devices able to make a connection at any one point in time.”

“30 Euston Square’s decision to not only increase access points but enable connections on both the 2.5 and 5 GHz ranges allows more devices to connect, which also improves connection performance on the latest smartphones and tablets. In lay terms, these changes can be compared to upgrading from a dual carriageway to a four-lane motorway.”

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Connectivity is the going to define how future cities operate, and whether they are successful or not.

While the wi-fi renovation at 30 Euston Square is a small endeavour in the face of improving an entire city’s connection capabilities, it can still prove a useful case study.

From this example it is evident high speed internet lines simply won’t cut it without enough access points.

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