BT strikes deal to put all Surrey businesses on fibre

BT has struck a deal with Surry County Council to make fibre-optic broadband services to almost all businesses and homes in the county.

The new scheme will make ‘superfast’ broadband services available to more than 90,000 premises, around 20% of premises in the county, that are currently not covered by BT’s commercial offerings.

This will means that nearly 100% of all Surrey business and homes will be able to access download speeds of up to 80Mbps, and upload speeds of up to 20Mbps, within two years.

Peter Martin, deputy leader of Surrey County Council, said the deal could boost the county’s economy by almost £30 million a year.

“This will be a great boost for business, from start-ups in small offices through to multi-nationals. It can be crucial to the continued success of Surrey businesses and a huge attraction to those looking to move in,” said Martin. “Fast and reliable web access is essential to our daily lives and by stepping in we’re also making sure no Surrey communities are disadvantaged."

"No other county has announced a scheme matching Surrey’s high-speed broadband coverage," he added.

BT will invest £11.8 million in the new scheme, with £20 million of funding coming from the council and £1 million from the national government. The telco said it would be working closely with the council to connect the small number of premises that are hard to reach with a fixed fibre line.

The scheme still depends on BT getting approval from European Commission has given the UK national telecoms operator permission to install the required fibre-optic cabling underground.

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