How to build a website without any technical skills using SITE123

The days of websites with nothing but a homepage and an “About” page are over. Here, people can learn about one of the features you can use to put together great pages. Those who want to go way beyond what most people would expect from a website building tool will benefit from this article.

Great. What is it?

SITE123 is a tool that helps people put together websites without much effort. Designers and programmers can simply use it to hack the hard part of making a website and put it all together within a few minutes.

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There are many features that take quite some time for developing and many of them are ready to be used on SITE123. The layouts are easy to edit and users can finish building a basic website very quickly, including everything that a good website needs to have.

Yeah, right…

Programmers may be thinking: “Well, this is just another tool for normal people to build simple websites”. That’s absolutely right. This is another tool for normal people to build websites, but not just simple ones.

The interface provides readymade layouts that look very nice and are totally up to date in terms of design and art. There are no weird looking templates like the wordpress ones that seem to have just come out of the 2000s but this time out of a monkey’s stomach.

Most people are sick of seeing that. This includes normal people as well – the dude or chic sitting on the other side of the screen that is also reading this. Of course, it is important to remember sometimes that the world is made of regular people and not just internet freaks.

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So after all, this could actually be eye drops for the eyes and people might never have to bump into those creepy looking websites again. Ok, that was too much. The journey will probably be a lot harder than that. But let’s hope for the best! Most people want a cleaner and fresh looking web. And these kinds of tools will a help a lot along the way, for sure

For those that have read up to here and are ready to continue taking part on the internet cleaning revolution, here it is…

Thank a revolutionary

Since the article was started by addressing the developers’ topics, it’s time to address everyone else now. Dear readers, it is time to appreciate the beauty of the internet and how it came to be what it is today. Make sure you understand what a web developer does and appreciate their work. For they have made our lives a lot easier by helping build the web as we know it today. They are truly part of a solid revolution: The Fourth Industrial Revolution, as Klaus Schwab formally described in his latest book that was published this year. For those interested in learning more about what web developers do, this is the place.

Know what’s behind the scenes

Although we are not going to use any codes or technical skills, it is very informative to quickly go through what is behind the scenes when it comes to websites. Expert or those in a “give me the gold” mood can skip to the next topic.

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To simplify, picture the internet as a big tree. In this scenario, the trunk would be the Hypertext Transport Protocol (HTTP) and the branches would be the URLs (uniform resource locator). To complete the basic system, the sap would be the HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). Everything on top of that would be the leaves, fruits, etc. But this is already too much information, so it will be kept for another article.

PS: Experts reading this, please don’t think this is grotesque. Just remember how annoying it is when someone tries to explain hard concepts to you using technical language…

Understand what your part is

A few technical terms covered, it’s time to get to business since we won’t be touching any HTML. The only thing you will need to do is prepare your content (images, copywriting, product pictures, website briefing, etc) and then organise it and present it clearly through a nice looking website, by using SITE123 tools.

Besides that, the part that everyone on the internet takes is the user part. In the end, everyone is a user sharing experiences, providing services for each other, buying and selling, and so on… In that respect everyone is equal. So put yourself in your future users’ shoes and think what you would like to find when you visited a website like the one you are going to build. That will put you miles ahead of competition in terms of user experience.

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Time to take action

How about start by brainstorming all the key aspects of the website? Throw in some “About” page drafts and so on. Then it is just a matter of putting everything together in an understandable way and you have the basic copywriting you need for your website. Add some whipped cream on top in the form of interesting content, and you are good to go.

Get some images going

Now, it is time to get the images ready. This should include everything that a good website needs: a decent logo, a nice image to be used as banner or images in case of a sliding banner, and whatever you would like/need to add to your website – videos, product images, special offer banners, etc. If you already have everything set, awesome! If not, take a look at these 10 tips to learn Photoshop skills. Even if you are experienced in this software, go ahead and take a look at the tips as they will work as reminders for better looking design and image editing.


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