Cambridgeshire care group embraces tech to protect staff during Covid-19

A Cambridgeshire care group has embraced a range of tech solutions to protect the wellbeing of staff during the Covid-19 crisis.

Askham Village Community, a specialist rehabilitation and care group near Doddington, has enhanced its internal operations by implementing new technology across its five homes to strengthen teamwork and solidarity amongst staff during the Covid-19 crisis.

What tech has been introduced?

The technology that’s been introduced includes an instant messaging platform called Yapster, which improves communication through immediate support and advice for staff, as well as a digital HR rota system, Alpaka, which serves to improve the efficiency of staffing levels.

Yapster has been designed specifically for deskless organisations to communicate across entire workforces (no matter their size) instantly via a safe and secure messaging system. Swift communication plays an essential part in combatting Covid-19 within the care sector and the Askham Village Community says the platform has been key in maintaining the safety of both residents and staff in the group.

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The collaboration came about when Alpaka approached Askham in the wake of the coronavirus crisis and offered the Yapster service as an integrated messaging module, with Alpaka absorbing Yapster’s costs; allowing the community to embrace the benefits of the platform in a time of need.

Aliyyah-Begum Nasser, director at Askham Village Community, commented: “It’s reported that up to 80% of care workers don’t have access to an official work email address, with many healthcare employees having information cascaded down to them from management or through posters and flyers which need to be written and printed off; both long processes. Yapster though, which all staff have access to, has revolutionised communication within our community.”

Communication is key in the care sector

For Askham, the private messaging platform enables staff to communicate swiftly, effectively and securely, even when working remotely. It allows them to share messages about individual patients without the need to worry about Data Protection issues, as the app is self-contained and secure.

Rob Liddiard, CEO of Yapster, added: “We are immensely proud to be working for Aliyyah and the Askham team at this critical time for the care industry. Any organisation looking to be more responsive or well-led ahead of future CQC key lines of enquiry should pay Askham a visit on the other side of lockdown – they’re quickly setting a new standard for digital transformation and social leadership in the sector.”

Mrs Nasser is set to discuss how Yapster’s platform has helped during the crisis via a webinar to be held on Friday 15th May at 11.30am.

Joining him and Mr Liddiard will be Phill Rodgers, the founder of Alpaka, the digital HR rota platform that has also been rolled out across the community. 


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