Capgemini launches Smart Foundry, with Nutanix and Plutora capabilities

Powered by Nutanix and Plutora, Smart Foundry from Capgemini integrates with Capgemini’s SmartQA platform to deliver multi-premise, cloud-agnostic, and domain-centric testing solutions for application deployment.

Nutanix brings its Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure to the solution, while Plutora offers its Value Stream Management (VSM) platforms.

In addition to Nutanix Hybrid Cloud, which was selected to power, secure, and orchestrate DevTest environments, Nutanix Calm has been incorporated to simplify and automate DevTest deployment with detailed blueprints; Nutanix Karbon for Kubernetes management; Nutanix Beam which provides cost management capabilities; and unified storage to support the block, file, and object data needs of diverse applications.

As for the involvement of Plutora in the solution, this will allow users to select from a list of available Nutanix Calm Blueprints, before the appropriate environment is automatically built, as well as create a Change Request that will orchestrate the provisioning of synthesised test data.

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The DevTest solution features service virtualisation, container management, interactive configuration management databases, chaos engineering, observability, and auto-healing capabilities.

It’s predicted that Smart Foundry is able to accelerate time-to-market by as much as 60%, lower costs by up to 40%, and reduce environment-related defects and provisioning delays by as much as 80%.

“Smart Foundry is designed to bring in intelligent integrations, more automation and self-provisioning capabilities to expedite ‘efficient route to live’ along with ‘effective QA’ in the Software Development Lifecycle,” said Ajay Walgude, vice-president, financial services at Capgemini.

“To do this, it is essential that a highly automated and intelligent test environment and test data management platform is implemented. We teamed with Nutanix and Plutora, both of which deliver next-generation technology, to achieve these goals.

“This is not just an engineering solution. Capgemini has leveraged its deep domain experience across sectors to build industry-specific environment solutions to address functional and non-functional testing requirements using Smart Foundry.”

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Manoj Gupta, vice-president of systems integration at Nutanix, commented: “Many organisations struggle with maintaining visibility and managing overheads for their DevTest environments, due to over-reliance on manual processes and the lack of standardisation.

“Capgemini’s Smart Foundry, built on industry-leading Nutanix Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure platform software, gives organisations a standardised, high-performing, continuous testing solution with measurable benefits such as shorter development lifecycle, improved software quality, high developer productivity, and significant cost savings.”

Jeff Keyes, vice-president of product at Plutora, added: “Software drives innovation and it has always been our intention to help organisations to shape their business through amazing software and stay competitive through continuous innovation.

“By bringing Plutora’s Value Stream Management (VSM) and environment provisioning capabilities to Capgemini’s Smart Foundry, we believe the resulting visibility provides for a holistic environment management solution.

“To compete in today’s constantly changing landscape, it’s vital for organisations to focus on driving successful outcomes and increasing business value, and the importance of VSM in that pursuit is essential when building a holistic environment management solution like Smart Foundry.”

Currently aimed at financial services companies, the solution is set to be rolled out to other sectors in the future.

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