Celonis announce new technology to track user interaction data

Celonis announce new technology which can correlate user interaction data with business data collected via AI-enabled process mining.

Celonis, the process mining firm, has today announced that it will deliver technology that will enable the first complete view of how work is done inside an organisation

According to a spokesperson, the new technology doesn’t just collect the clicks on the screen – advanced AI techniques cluster topics and subjects users are working on to help direct areas of focus.

“We’ve always been focused on high-impact transformational change that optimises for business outcomes. With this addition to our integrated platform, customers can apply data-driven intelligence to the entire landscape of systems and people that make their companies run,” said Alexander Rinke, co-founder and co-CEO of Celonis. “Today is a milestone to delivering the complete Enterprise Performance Acceleration capabilities businesses need to achieve end-to-end process excellence.”

Celonis says that companies can now use task mining to correlate user interaction data (desktop clicks/screens) with business data collected from operational systems using Celonis’ core Artificial Intelligence (AI) Process Mining technology. As the first in the market to offer this combination, customers can now understand business processes from the micro-practitioner level to the macro-enterprise level.

An example of how this total view delivers long term value is how a company processes free text orders (orders that still come in on non-electronic forms). Usually, this process is simply digitised and automated for throughput, but that automation can often cause errors that delay shipments and impact customer satisfaction. With Task Mining, the steps a worker takes to verify orders to reduce errors – like checking order history or CRM, or service records – can be recorded to understand the optimal method to verify orders expediently to reach the ultimate business goal of on-time delivery.

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