CIOs struggling to tame growing enterprise cloud complexity

It’s said that all companies are becoming software companies. Indeed, the way enterprises interact with customers, assure quality experiences and optimise revenues is driven by applications and the hybrid, multi-cloud environments underpinning them. Success or failure comes down to the software supporting these efforts. The pressure of this “run-the-business” software performing properly has significant ramifications for IT professionals.

According to a global survey of 800 CIOs from large enterprises by Dynatrace, 44% of respondents say they fear there could be a threat to the existence of their business if they are unable to manage IT performance. As complexity continues to grow, 74% of CIOs say it could soon become extremely difficult to manage performance efficiently.

Migration to the enterprise cloud is also making IT teams feel strained, especially as it relates to performance. Revealing the extent of this dilemma, key findings of the research also show that:

  • 76% of CIOs say they don’t have complete visibility into application performance in cloud-native architectures.
  • 78% of CIOs are frustrated that so much time is spent setting up monitoring for different cloud environments when deploying new services.
  • IT teams now spend around 33% of their time tackling performance problems.

A new approach

The survey highlights the need for better tooling for cloud management. Lowering the barrier to entry, a solid choice of orchestration and management frameworks will take a pragmatic view on what’s needed to increase productivity around the day to day operations, and exceed expectations around even complicated processes such as upgrades of complex infrastructure software.

However, consider the average mobile or web application transaction crosses 37 different technology systems or components. This newfound complexity is making it harder for organisations to manage performance by traditional means.

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As such, exploring the potential antidote to these challenges, the research further reveals that 88% of CIOs say that they believe AI will be critical to IT’s ability to master increasing complexity.

According to Gartner’s Market Guide for AIOps Platforms 2018, “Over the past three years, IT operations have deployed big data and machine learning technologies separately to support IT operations in monitoring. Enterprises use AI for IT operations (AIOps) platforms to enhance and, occasionally, replace classical application performance monitoring (APM) and network performance monitoring and diagnostics (NPMD) tools.”

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