CIOs seek governance packages

Six out of 10 European blue chip businesses will have deployed packages for managing IT resources and projects within the next two years, according to a survey of CIOs by IT management software company Niku.

Nearly half of the 114 CIOs and senior IT executives questioned said that the three biggest IT management challenges they faced were measuring the return on IT spending, managing IT resources and aligning and prioritising IT projects according to business needs.

Three quarters said that implementing IT project portfolio management was one of their highest priorities for 2005, with 54% adding business process re-engineering and marketing the value of IT to the list.

Meanwhile, separate research conducted by Primavera, another vendor of project portfolio management software, found that a third of CIOs experience "project failure" rates of between 42% and 70% – whether that failure is defined by late delivery, cost over-run, a cutting back on the original scope or the scrapping of the project altogether.

CIOs highest priorities for 2005
Source: Niku

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