Cisco to license wireless technology for free

24 February 2003 Networking hardware giant Cisco will today announce plans to license for free some of its wireless technology to computer and semiconductor manufacturers in a bid to spur adoption.

Seven chip makers and a number of computer vendors have already agreed to use the technology. Licensees include Agere Systems, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel and Texas Instruments.

The technology is called Cisco Compatible Extensions, software that can be integrated on a wireless communications chip and which Cisco says improves wireless networking security.

However, there is a proprietary twist in the tale: the technology Cisco will be licensing will include special features that only work with its own wireless networking hardware, a strategy intended to further drive sales of Cisco’s wireless products.

According to Synergy Research Group, Cisco was the leader of the $808 million global market for local area networking wireless hardware in 2002, with a 34% market share.

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