Combining blockchain technology and SEO techniques

Everyone has heard of blockchain technology recently. Readers might have even tried to understand an article explaining what it was with graphs with lines connecting different
clipart pictures to each other. It’s a bit awkward to understand at first, but the more you start to understand why Blockchain technologies were developed, the more you understand what they do.

Blockchain beginnings

Before blockchain, person A would have to use an intermediary (such as a bank, Google, or another website) to ensure that the thing they wanted to receive via the internet from person B was given to them, a real thing person B was in possession of, and that person B was not entirely fictional. Person B used the intermediary to ensure that they received what they wanted in exchange from person A, and that person A was a real person. Both people paid the intermediary for their service.

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Enter blockchain

Instead of having an intermediary verify all the details about the transaction, the entire blockchain community does the verification. On top of that, the entire community acts
as a witness to record the transaction and make sure it is completed in the exact way both people agreed to.

When individuals keep personal ledgers of transactions, there is a lot of room for error or fraud. When the ledger of transactions is kept by the entire community, there are fewer disputes as to how the transaction should have been completed. International corporations, such as IBM, have reduced their dispute resolution costs by as much as 75% thanks to the use of blockchain.

A technology by the people and for the people

Blockchain technologies give oversight of contracts and transactions between members of the users of the technology to the whole community of users. You might think that this
means that there is very little privacy or security. In fact, there is an incredible amount of both.

As Blockchain is verifying and recording transactions, identities and other private information are kept hidden. The fact that the whole community lends a hand in securing, authorising, and storing all the information of the community, makes it incredibly secure. If a hacker wanted to steal a piece of information, they would have to do so in multiple places at multiple times simultaneously.

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Blockchain technologies distribute the information held by the community in bits and pieces to everyone. Everyone only has partial information, and there is a lot of redundancy with the same bits being stored with multiple users, making it safer for the whole community. It is also this structure that gives rise to the description of “decentralised”.

Simply put, a decentralised network does not have weak spots that can be exploited.

Blockchain technology is the foundation that all cryptocurrencies are built on today. Additionally, more and more companies are using blockchain in order to transfer other documents and funds quickly, anonymously, and securely.


SEO stands for search engine optimisation. SEO professionals are the mechanics of your online business. They fine tune your website in order to make it stand out from the
others in your industry.

With the proper SEO strategy, your website is sure to be one of the first listed when someone searches for keywords relating to your business. Why is this important? Today, most people do not look past the first page of website results when doing an online search. If your website is low on the list, or not on the first page at all, then chances are high that you are missing out on a lot of possible website traffic.

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Bitcoin marketing is incredibly important to bring that potential audience of users to your site and should be one of the first steps you take when promoting your digital coin.

An SEO professional can analyse your website to find out where the weaknesses are, and make the necessary changes in order to better your ranking. There are some things
you can do by yourself. Take a look at other articles on our blog for more tips on how to improve your SEO before coming to a professional.

Blockchain SEO

Let’s do an experiment. Open a new tab and search “blockchain”. The results are disappointing. Here, there are only two blockchain firms that are found in the 3rd spot, and the second in the 6th and 7th spot. Surrounding these two firms are endless entries of articles.

This shows a dire need for blockchain SEO. Endless articles surrounding the use of the technology in different spheres does not help users who are searching for ways to get involved and use blockchain find the right websites to do so.

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So now you need to find the right SEO tips and tricks, or the right SEO agency to boost your website and business to the top. After that, it is time to get help from a professional. Not all SEO firms are equal. You want to look for one that has a history of involvement in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, as well as extensive experience with websites in this industry.

Bitcoin SEO is still a developing field, however, if you start by working with a firm with strong roots in SEO, there is a very good chance they will figure out how to adapt their strategies to meet the needs of this innovative technology. With blockchain platforms on the rise, it’s time for SEO to keep pace with the new developments, as well.

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