Corporate menace no. 1: the cameraphone

In last month’s Information Age, IT analysts at the Meta Group warned organisations about the improbable, but growing, menace of cameraphones. Meta urged businesses to ban their use completely. “They represent a significant liability or security risk, such as inappropriate candid shots of employees or pictures of production lines,” it said.

Meta seems to have caught the mood. Shortly after its warning was issued, a Tory MP, Henry Bellingham, was ejected from the House of Commons after the Speaker noticed him using a cameraphone during Treasury questions. Days later, it was reported that a British couple on a cruise around the Caribbean had their cameraphones confiscated by customs officials at Havana.

Which all goes to prove once again that the mobile data market will face many barriers before it eventually takes off.

One person who seems unconcerned is the CEO of Nokia, Jorma Olilla, who believes the problem is being exaggerated. After all, his company – like most others – has never sought to ban the use of conventional cameras.

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