Couchbase takes on NoSQL skills gap with new training programme

NoSQL database provider Couchbase has announced a new training programme to address the growing need to develop and expand the NoSQL talent pool.

As part of the programme, Couchbase will offer classroom-based courses that will provide multi-day, instructor-led, hands-on training in core NoSQL skills.

NoSQL databases have grown steady momentum in a market witnessing conflict between traditional and newer technologies. 

The relational database has reigned supreme for a long time as the ubiquitous platform for enterprise data, but the big data trend has sought to challenge that as NoSQL systems are able to handle far greater quantities of data.

Distributed file system Hadoop and parallel processing framework MapReduce have made massive inroads as CIOs recognise the scope for processing large data sets. This anti-SQL army is growing stronger and consequently backing the rise of cloud-based purpose-built NoSQL databases.

But while the benefits of NoSQL are quite clear, vendors like Couchbase the challenge of upskilling the industry to help overcome the dominance the relational database has gained by underpinning practically every enterprise on the planet for the last several decades.

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Couchbase Learning Services’ new courses will focus on teaching students the technical skills they need to build, deploy and manage modern NoSQL databases. 

The first two courses offered provide students with qualifications that will make them eligible for the highest demand NoSQL job roles: NoSQL application developers and NoSQL server system administrators. Open enrollment has begun for the new classes starting in June.

"Developer interest in NoSQL database technologies is substantial, but there is still a need to develop the pool of trained and certified talent that enterprises will be looking for to take NoSQL into production," said Matt Aslett, research director, data platforms and analytics, 451 Research.

"The Couchbase Learning Services programme will help address this need in relation to both server deployment and application development."

The courses are designed so that students spend at least 60% of class time working on instructor-led, hands-on lab training.

Students will learn the most important administrative tasks, such as how to install and configure Couchbase, how to run benchmark testing against a real cluster while monitoring its health, backup and restore a cluster, add and remove nodes, and troubleshoot a live cluster.  

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