Being a CTO for an AI provider

As CTO of omni:us, Gölles focuses on operational management, technical leadership and new business opportunities.

omni:us is disrupting the insurance industry with speed and transparency. The organisation’s AI solutions read, understand and extract key information from a variety of documents, helping insurers automate claims processing to expedite waiting times, increase efficiency and reduce inaccuracies. By streamlining this crucial process, omni:us allows insurers to prioritise the customer and give policyholders a vastly improved insurance experience.

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Being a CTO for an AI provider

“As an AI provider, there’s a constant balance of thinking outside the box and understanding the industry landscape that you cater to, while also having a strong understanding of artificial intelligence,” explains Gölles.

“Being an expert in the technology and products your business provides is imperative, as AI providers often take on the role of consultant to clients and prospects.”

Insuring challenge

Insurance companies are heavily regulated and generally reluctant to grant access to data, which AI platforms need in order to train deep learning systems.

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“This presents a challenge in terms of ensuring all data privacy regulations are met, and that we only access the highest quality data, but one we consistently overcome. Enhancing data privacy remains our top priority,” is the response from Gölles.

An innovator and risk-taker

“Technology is intrinsic to a company’s success, so the role of CTO is moving towards that of an innovator and risk-taker,” says Gölles. “A CTO should be constantly looking ahead to what new technology they can leverage to give their company competitive advantage, keeping it at the forefront of its industry.”

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