Digital security agency Gemalto install new virtual key management solution

The solution will allow clients to enforce control over encryption keys and data policies on the cloud.

Cloud service providers that the platform will integrate into include Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud and OpenStack.

Available in the form of k150v, k170v and k450v models, the product is compatible with non-profit global information consortium OASIS’s Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP), and supports the SafeNet Data Protection portfolio.

The k150v and k170v models have a key capacity of 25,000, while the k450v can manage up to 1 million.

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The transfer of company data to the cloud has been a common trend among tech companies as awareness of cyber attack capabilities increases; cloud infrastructure spending recently reached $20 billion for 2018’s Q2.

As a result, cloud environments and web applications are becoming more common among businesses.

Todd Moore, senior vice president of Encryption Products at Gemalto, said that businesses “shouldn’t be limited to working in just one environment”.

“With SafeNet Virtual KeySecure, organisations are able to move more workloads to the cloud and easily monitor the access and movement of their encrypted data.”

“We are seeing a lot of customers who are interested in taking advantage of the business continuity offered by cloud environments, without compromising the security of their most critical asset, data.”

“Current KeySecure customers would also be able to benefit from this new platform and we will be sharing details of a clear migration path with them in the near future.”

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Furthermore, according to Sudesh Kumar, Founder and CEO of Californian-based start-up Kapalya, the platform allows his company “to offer the ability to protect data in a seamless and cost-effective way across endpoints, public clouds and private clouds.”

“Businesses should no longer be held back in making full use of the cloud while retaining control of some of their most important assets.”

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