Digitopia launches Metaverse Readiness Index

Digital maturity consultancy Digitopia has today announced the launch of the Metaverse Readiness Index (MRI), to guide enterprises as they enter the metaverse

With interest in the metaverse growing across multiple sectors, Digitopia’s new index will enable businesses to accurately measure and benchmark progress during their digital shift.

Built on Digitopia’s Digital Maturity Index, combined with years of experience in emerging trends and technologies, the Metaverse Readiness Index will consist of six dimensions:

  • ambition;
  • use cases;
  • capabilities;
  • technology;
  • culture;
  • governance.

Only with a holistic understanding of all six dimensions can businesses succeed within the new digital realm.

Using these criteria, the platform will measure progress through five levels of readiness, from Complacent to Fluid.

In line with this, a number of workshops will be carried out with related teams within a company, allowing for discussion of options and helping to understand the starting point, before a roadmap is planned out for how to benefit from the available opportunities.

According to Digitopia, interest has been received from retail, consumer brands and e-commerce organisations, as well as a number of business-to-consumer companies.

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“The metaverse is coming. It is a highly exciting proposition and we are already seeing a growing appetite for early adoption,” said Halil Aksu, CEO and co-founder of Digitopia.

“It really has the potential to change the way society operates as a whole — not just businesses. The most forward-thinking and innovative businesses are already considering how they can leverage the virtual world and create an early advantage over their competitors.

“The Metaverse Readiness Index will show businesses exactly how they can get to where they need to be in preparation for the metaverse. They will be able to benchmark their progress against competitors and regularly track their performance.

“What’s measured gets done. Only by keeping control over activity throughout the metaverse journey can an organisation truly prepare for what is to come. Through the Metaverse Readiness Index, organisations can create a business case for the metaverse and immediately reap the rewards from it.”

While still in its early stages, the metaverse holds the potential to maximise value from virtual and augmented reality, and introduce a broad shift in how consumers and organisations interact with technology.

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