Don’t trust GPS? Try the journey before you leave on the Google Maps driving simulator

Did you ever enjoy just cruising around and exploring the fictional cities of Liberty City and San Andreas on video-game series Grand Theft Auto?

Or maybe the mere thought of traveling somewhere new – even if you have GPS – puts you in a state of hot sweats?

Thanks to a Japan-based web developer, you can now simulate a real journey anywhere in the world.

Based on the satellite images pulled together by Google Maps, 2D Driving Simulator allows you to drive anywhere you want from the comfort of a bird's eye view.

By using your keyboard keys to accelerate, reverse, turn and even signal left or right, you can cruise around your hometown, revisit a beloved place you haven’t been in years or explore a part of the world you always wanted to see. You can even swap your car for a bus if you’re feeling adventurous.

While the DVLA is unlikely to allow you to take your driving test from your living room anytime soon, take a few minutes to discover the world in a whole new way.  

Click here to try the 2D Driving Simulator 

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