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Technology is not only an important enabler for successful businesses today, but entirely engrained in their products and organisational processes. In this context, there is one thing that boardroom directors now desire and fear in equal measure: transformation. And those that achieve it are the new kingmakers.

In the May 2016 issue of Information Age, we tell the story of transformation from numerous angles. This month’s cover star, for instance, is Rob Harding, CIO at Capital One. Harding rose up the banking giant’s ranks to become CIO in 2010, when the wounds of recession were still raw and risk-taking was obsolete. Fast-forward three years to 2013, and Harding was able to put his foot on the pedal of digital transformation. We speak with him about the process and results of that transformation on page 20.

Digital has also been on the mind of Daniel Marion, head of ICT at UEFA. The Premier League season may be over, but sport fans only have to wait a few weeks until Europe’s finest footballing nations line up to compete in Euro 2016. And, according to UEFA, it’s all set to be one of the largest international sporting events in history.

Getting the technical capabilities and IT backbone right is integral to delivering the live games to a global audience of 2 billion, but Marion also has an eye on giving spectators the best digital experience for the most connected European Championship ever (page 10).

Meanwhile, disruption is the topic of discussion with Elizabeth Eastaugh on page 16. As director of technology at Expedia, it’s in her job description.

Expedia was the first online travel giant and has been at the forefront of the transition in the way people book holidays, but that counts for little in the transformational world of digital. Keeping a firm handle on the market as it continues to evolve is paramount. We chat with Eastaugh about rising forces like artificial intelligence and the sharing economy.

And be sure to check out our in-depth feature on digital transformation on page 24, in which we examine exactly what it means and its implications on the IT department and wider business.

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