EC launches start-up manifesto to take on Silicon Valley

The European Commission has launched a Start-up Manifesto for the continent, which aims to promote economic growth through technology innovation. 

Accoridng to Neelie Kroes, who leads the EC’s digital agenda, the manifesto envisions “a continent that is digital, connected and competitive; where innovation is not obstructed, but nurtured and supported. Where young, breakthrough companies can start in Europe, and stay in Europe."

The manifesto addresses five areas where improvement could help Europe's start-up economy, the EC claims. 

These are: education and skills; access to talent; access to capital; data policy, protection and privacy; and 'thought leadership'. 

In each case, the manifesto outlines various recommendations.

For example, for education and skills, it proposes that teachers receive more 'digital' training, and that students are encouraged to start businesses.

For data protection, it reiterates the EC's call for unified regulation across the EU. 

Contributors to the manifesto include the founders of some of Europe's most successful teach companies, including Spotify and Angry Birds creator Rovio, as well Joanna Shields, chief executive of the UK's Tech City Investment Organisation.

The manifesto has so far attracted 1,237 signatures. Citizens are asked to voice their support before 30 September.  

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