EE unveils corporate 4G rates

Newly renamed mobile telco EE has unveiled the pricing and service plans for its corporate 4G services.

Businesses can buy one of three add-ons to one of Everything Everywhere’s existing mobile data plans. These cost an extra £8 per user per month for 1GB, £12.50 for 4GB or £17 for 8GB. Alternatively, they can buy dedicated 4G plans, at £30 for 16GB, £40 for 32GB, £80 for 64GB or £160 for 128GB. 

If an employee goes over their allocation, they will be charged an additional 2.5p per MB for the "add-on" plans, and 1p per MB for the full 4G plans. However, both options have maximum ‘out of bundle’ price cap, of £50 and £200 respecitvely, which EE claims offers businesses "total financial control" of employee usage.

EE will also offer supplementary services for corporate customers. These include bespoke app development, in partnership with ‘one of the UK’s leading mobile app developers’ and mobile device management, in partnership with Mobile Iron. Pricing for these services was not revealed.

The services will launch in London, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield, Glasgow and part of Southampton on October 30th. They will be available in Belfast, Derby, Hull, Nottingham and Newcastle by Christmas.

EE is the first to market with 4G services, and as such stands to win customers with high demand for mobile Internet services. The company’s 4G offerings use the 1800 MHz radio spectrum band – the only one that works with Apple’s iPhone 5.

Other mobile telcos will be free to launch their rival services in May next year, once the auction for relevant radio spectrum licenses is complete.

In Information Age‘s latest cover feature on the impact of 4G on businesses, Martin Stiven, vice president of EE’s B2B division, said 4G services will allow customers to use cloud applications on mobile devices more effectively, and improve admin processes such as back-up and remote device management.

But the real impact will come when businesses find new ways to use the increased network capacity to support mobile working and customer service, he said. "In 12 months’ time, organisations will have thought of a whole range of innovative ways they can use 4G."

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