Effective audit software to grow your company

An effectual audit ensures that all the active operations of the organisation are meeting the compliance as per organisational regulation and prepare the organisation for potential challenges.

Take advantage of technology

In this technological era if a company still sticks with the traditional methods like a pen, paper, clipboard, etc. then it would be difficult for them to sustain in this competitive market. Thus, installing a competent site audit software on form.com on a mobile device will be immensely beneficial for saving both time and money.

Mobile audit software can be installed on any mobile device and is equally functional to any platform such as Android, Windows, iOS, etc. With the automation of workflow; well-designed software simplifies the audit process and increases the company productivity.

User friendly

During the audit, an auditor plays the most significant role in the whole process of the audit, which depends on the information gathered by the auditor from field. Audit mobile software enables the auditor to capture and attach photos from the field as evidence of the report. Based on the data uploaded by the auditor the software will automatically trigger the follow-ups and perform necessary actions instantly such as sending an email etc.

The simple and convenient interface is appreciated by the end user because it takes less time to understand the operation of all the features and vigorous training is not required. The technology should make your life easier and not more complicated. Effective integration capabilities of the software with other pre-existing applications encourage the user to use the software for streamlining workflow.

Outstanding offline facilities

Compatible software enables the user to work effectively both online and offline. An auditor should have the opportunity to open and operate the form offline. Any data entered in offline mode remains saved and once the device is connected to the network the data gets automatically uploaded to the server. Offline facilities are available cross-platform so the auditor can smoothly carry on with the audit process regardless of the location and Internet connectivity.

Thus, the productivity of the audit team enhances drastically and simultaneously improves the consistency of the whole process

Manage and monitor data effortlessly

With the use of effectual software, it is possible to track the data in real time and it can be easily exported in all possible formats like PDF, CSV, XML and SPSS.

The contact manager enforces a role based on a user access. For a large company, it is hectic to add or remove users manually when employees leave or join the organisation so with the software you can perform such task’s within a few minutes. Choose a software which automatically generates corrective and preventive actions as per the data entered by an auditor and prepare the organisation to fight with probable treats.

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