Employees work around IT security policies to get job done

Many employees see security policies as obstacles to getting their work done and regularly circumvent them, according to a survey by EMC’s security division RSA Security.

While 94% of those surveyed said they were familiar with their organisation’s IT security policies, over 50% felt they needed to work around them in order to do their jobs properly and on time.

A further 79% admitted to having taken sensitive corporate information out of the workplace on a laptop, smartphone or USB drive, while 10% confessed to actually losing one of these devices.

The problem is potentially bigger than the results suggest, as the survey sample comprised those who should know better; the 417 resondents were attendees at various security conferences. Worryingly, 46% were in the financial services sector.

A further 65% admitted to frequently using public wireless hotspots to access sensitive corporate information, while 37% said they had unwittingly stumbled into an area of the corporate network they should not have had access to.

In a separate question posed at the RSA’s US event, 31% of delegates also admitted to letting a stranger into their workplace.

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