Entrepreneurial success is 50% culture, 50% killer cloud strategy: Jaspreet Singh, CEO, Druva

In 2008, Indian data protection and cloud backup specialist Druva started out with fifteen employees. Five years later it boasts a workforce of around 400, with offices in California and worldwide, Druva is a typical startup evolving at breakneck speed. Druva co-founder Jaspreet Singh reveals what it's been like to a young CEO in the eye of the success storm.

Druva is still a company rooted in India, but as Singh reveals, it's the dynamic Sillicon Valley startup culture that keeps his company riding each successive wave of growth – an ethos which he thinks larger enterprises need to retain if they're going to stay agile enough to compete.

What's the key to this entrepreneurial dynamism? Imagination and not shying away from 'foolish ideas' first, says Singh, but the huge opportunities that come about from technology such as virtualisation come in a close second.

As Singh explains, the evolution of IT is much like that of earlier innovations- it started in people's garages and back rooms. But thanks to the cloud, it's been able to truly explode.

Now that we're realising the potential of the cloud, companies and governments face a learning curve in understanding how to manage it across borders. Singh advises that this will be a case of vendors 'thinking global but acting local' as the most highly effective strategy for supporting their clients' innovation while ensuring they keep grip on compliance. 

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