Every kind of business needs STEM at its core to survive: Sanjay Poonen, general manager, end-user computing, VMWare

VMWare's general manager of end-user computing Sanjay Poonen explains how the management and automation of end user computing has become central to enabling companies to prepare for a truly digital workplace. 

The shift to complete business mobility is well underway, and VMware believes that hybrid cloud computing is the most compelling solution to ushering in the mobile revolution.

Hybrid is here to stay, says Poonen, and it will be the key to driving cloud across every crucial endpoint.

As these technologies come to encompass every aspect of the enterprise landscape, those business people entering the workforce now who want to compete need to come with a grounding in technology.

Being 'technology aware' doesn't have to mean being up there with the Googles of the world, but an awareness of how business processes are becoming fundamentally technology-centred is now essential in all industries.

Poonen says the 'digital workplace' is changing the dynamic within companies, democratising power to the 'line of business' executives that are directly involved in the provisioning and management of key technology assets.








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